HILOT massage

Hilot is a hands-on healing art that involves intuition and massage. Although Hilot is a deep-tissue massage, the touch is gentle. Its focus is to identify problems in the body and correct them.

A Hilot session may result in easing stress and relaxing tense muscles, but the massage itself could actually be less than relaxing... causing some deep tissue discomfort. It is a matter of getting to the source of pain and bringing balance. Massage includes coconut oil or coconut-laden banana leaves and various massage devices to assist sustaining pressure on the body tissue and kneading tense muscles

3500 rub.
1 hour

If you have any questions please call us: +7 812 317-17-41. Our administrator will assist you and schedule the time of your visit.

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We have more than 200 programs in our menu.

If you have any questions please call us: +7 812 317-17-41

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Relaxing massage with hot stones в СПА салоне
Relaxing massage with hot stones
Relaxing massage with hot stones

Soft and relaxing body massage with stones will release from stress. The massage using stones is the right remedy for almost any ailment. It has a positive effect on most human organs, normalizes metabolism in cells and tissues. Under the influence of stones there is a stimulation of metabolism, which leads to the expansion of capillaries.

2950 rub.
1 hour +
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Aromatic в СПА салоне

Aromatiс 5800 Manual technique-a true moment of relaxation and instant visible results on the skin of bagodara unique properties of essential oils

6250 ₽
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Vitamin and mineral BOOM or be healthy в СПА салоне
Vitamin and mineral BOOM or be healthy
Vitamin and mineral BOOM or be healthy

“Vitamin and mineral BOOM or be healthy” program

13950 ₽
3,5 hours
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Hydra peeling Hydrabrasion в СПА салоне
Hydra peeling Hydrabrasion
Hydra peeling Hydrabrasion

Manual technique. Procedure for a new skin, alternative to medical peels, which can reduce signs of aging, improve complexion and color, brighten skin.

7650 ₽
More info

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Kids room

While you enjoy the procedures your children may have fun in the kids room with a professional teacher

Beauty Salon

After the procedures you may do your hair styling in our beauty salon

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In our SPA center there are five thematic zones where you can enjoy best SPA practices from all over the world. 

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We use the cosmetics of world's leading brands from France — Thalion, Charme D Orient and others. We guarantee supreme quality in interior in service.

More than 200 programs

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