Morokkan cares in the Hammam. 2,5 hours. La Sultan de Saba.

Inspired by the beauty rituals of the mystical East and Asia, La Sultan de Saba offers several ranges of products as part of a unique and magical authenticity. Each treatment is unique with its smells and massages.

Hammam - steam, where heat and strong humidity are combined together. It is ideal to prepare the body for the wet simulation on the hot table.

Black soap. The second indispensable stage - Steaming in a Hammam with black soap, which has a strong cleansing effect. Exfoliant. 

Gommage. The next stage of care can be performed with the help of the classic Kessa mitten-a traditional Moroccan product made of viscose with a rough texture, salt peeling and Ayurvedic gamut. 

Salt peeling has an excellent exfoliating and pronounced osmotic effect. It is applied with gentle massage movements on the whole body, including the neck and behind the ears. Care ends rinsing in the shower.

Gommage Ayurvedic is suitable for all skin types, is an exclusive product of the company La Sultan de Saba. It is applied to the entire body including the neck and behind the ears, soft exfoliation is performed, the keratinized scales of the epidermis are removed from the skin surface. Care ends with a thorough rinsing in the shower.

Body mask. This stage brings care to perfection. A Rasoul mask with Shea butter is applied to the skin, and Oil with different flavors of your choice is added. Wrapping in a thermoplastic film allows the active ingredients of these products to affect the depth of tissue, the body becomes soft and vitality. Care ends rinsing in the shower. 

Tea ceremony. Tea drinking is an integral part of the traditional beauty ritual. The motives of the tea ceremony in the Moroccan style will help to plunge into the ethnic atmosphere of the East, will give a refined flavor to the body care procedure. 

Modeling. Then comes the stage of modeling with the help of Oils with natural essences. Modeling is carried out in a favorable rhythm, frees the body from stress and eliminates toxins. This is the most relaxing part of the care. Eastern modelling on the Oil Flowers of Orange tree, and Indian Ayurvedic modelling by hot Shea butter increases microcirculation.

Humidification. The final stage of care-application to the body of Moisturizing Milk, enriched with valuable natural ingredients and natural plant extracts and essential oils.

3.5 hours – 13900 ₽

Fragrance care will be presented to choose from:

  • Travelling to Japan. The secret of softness of this ritual lies in the extract of Neroli - nectar of wild orange flower petals, has deep soothing properties and a pleasant citrus aroma.
  • Travel to Islands. Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea.. behind the coral reefs are captivating Islands in the heart of the Pacific ocean, with a unique culture, with an endless blue sky. Inspired by this rich and generous beauty of nature was created by the unique fragrances of the Paradise of beauty - the silk flowers Tiara and unique flower of Aloe Vera. Flowers of the Islands give vitality.
  • Travelling to Malaysia. Among the luxurious peninsulas of the South China sea, near the island of Borneo lost Paradise-Malaysian province of Sabah-a land rich in culture and traditions of beauty rituals, giving happiness and peace of mind and body. The range of products used in this program is characterized by the intoxicating aroma of tropical flowers, among which a special place is occupied by Champaca. This fabulous flower has a noble and captivating aroma.
  • Travelling to India. A line of travel inspired by the Indian legend about the famous king of udaypur Jagat Singh, the son of the Sun God, who built a majestic Palace of white marble on the shore of lake Pichola. The new fragrance "Udaipur" conjures up the mythical brilliance of luxurious Royal evenings under the moon, expresses love, elegance and sensuality..
  • Travelling to China. Chjun Go (China), as it is called by the Chinese themselves, is one of the most amazing and mysterious countries in the world. And the fragrance used in this care, carries a mystery in the best Chinese traditions.
  • Moroccan care Ayurvedic. Rich aroma of Patchouli and Vanilla.
  • Moroccan care Classic. 
13900 ₽
3.5 hours

If you have any questions please call us: +7 812 317-17-41. Our administrator will assist you and schedule the time of your visit.

  • Зона отдыха СПА
  • Зона рецепции СПА салона Соль
  • Кафе
  • Кедровые бочки в японской зоне
  • Соляная пещера
  • Зона массажа
  • Интерьеры СПА салона Соль
  • Тайский массаж в спа салоне

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We have more than 200 programs in our menu.

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WATER в СПА салоне

Retreat “WATER” – is the ceremony carries a huge energy meaning and health-improving effect. The best place for solitude and immersion in philosophical thoughts. 

15350 ₽
4 hour
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HATHABHYANGA – Ayurvedic hand massage в СПА салоне
HATHABHYANGA – Ayurvedic hand massage
HATHABHYANGA – Ayurvedic hand massage

Hathabhjanga Hand massage with warm Ayurvedic oils.

950 rub.
20 min
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FIRE в СПА салоне

Retreat “FIRE” – is the ceremony carries a huge energy meaning and health-improving effect. The best place for solitude and immersion in philosophical thoughts. 

15350 ₽
4 hour
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Express facial treatment from Thalion with Massage в СПА салоне
Express facial treatment from Thalion with Massage
Express facial treatment from Thalion with Massage

Instant transformation from Thalion. Intensive anti-aging treatment provides instant visible results, smoothes facial wrinkles, strengthens and tones the facial tissue, restores skin elasticity, gives it exceptional radiance.

1850 ₽
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